David has been making furniture and objects from the unhewn hardwoods of Vermont for four decades. He has exhibited in gallery and museum shows nationwide though most of his time is spent on private commissions.    Publications featuring his work include The Christian Science Monitor, House Beautiful, and Vermont Magazine.    He has lead workshops, served as an artist-in-residence for the Vermont Council on the Arts and given slide-lectures at the annual Furniture Society and SOFA Chicago conferences. He’s taught Italian at Marlboro College, sixth graders at the Marlboro School and written articles for Fine Woodworking and Woodwork Magazine.

Date of birth

    • March 1950


    • 1972  BA Italian Poetry and Translation, Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT
    • 1975  Middlebury College, Italian Summer Institute
    • 2015 Honorary Degree : Doctor of Education Marlboro College

Work Experience

    • 1973- 1976 Apprentice: Roy Sheldon’s Fabulous Tables
    • 1976  Applewoods Studio established
    • 1976 – present Furniture, photography and object maker
    • 1989 – 2015 Educator, Marlboro School
      Vermont Humanities Council:
      Victor Swenson Humanities Educator Award 2014

Career Summary

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2015  True to Form  Drury Gallery, Marlboro College
  • 2010  The State of Craft: the Studio Craft Movement In Vermont 1960 – 2010
  • 2001  American Craft Oddessy, Renwick Alliance, DC
  • 1998  The Works Gallery, “Vermont Visions”, Phila.
  • 1998  Drury Gallery Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT
  • 1996  The Bennington Museum, Bennington, VT
  • 1992  Helen Day Art Center Stowe, Vt
  • 1988  DCH Gallery Boston, MA
  • 1987  Handcrafter’s Gallery Santa Fe, NM
  • 1987  Art and Architectural Design Baltimore, MD
  • 1986  Tyler Gallery Marlboro College, Vt
  • 1986  Ten Arrow Gallery Cambridge, Ma
  • 1985  Snyderman Gallery Phildelphia, Pa
  • 1985  Pritam & Eames East Hampton, NY
  • 1984  American Craft Gallery Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1983, 1984  Morristown Museum of Arts and Sciences, NJ
  • 1983  Vermont State Craft Center Windsor, Vt
  • 1981, 1984, 1986,  1993Craftsman’s Gallery Scarsdale, NY

Represented by:  Mitchell – Giddings Fine Arts, Brattleboro, VT.

Selected lecture/teaching engagements

    • 2014  Remarks VT Humanities Council Conference
    • 2011   Granite State Woodworkers, hosted studio tour and demonstration
    • 2010   “Making it in the Arts” Brattleboro Museum.  Brattleboro West Arts
    • 2010   “Boards, branches hollows and burls”, Bennington Museum
    • 2000   “Embracing the Unhewn”, slide lecture w/Michelle Holzapfel, Lexington, MA
    • 1999   “The Way We Work”, slide lecture given w/ Michelle Holzapfel  SOFA, Chicago
    • 1999   “Considering the Unhewn: material based design and making”, slide lecture given at annual meeting of Furniture Society, TN
    • 1998   “Breaking Barriers” Conference, Emma Lake, Saskatchewan
    • 1989   Professor of Italian, Marlboro College
    • 1985, 1988   Instructor – Horizons: The New England Craft Program
    • 1984   Baltimore-Washington Woodworkers Guild,  Towson State University
    • 1983   Scarsdale Adult School Scarsdale, NY
    • 1980 – 1984   Vermont Council on the Arts: Artist in Residence

Selected Publications

  • 2015  News and Notes: “ Marlboro Elementary’s David Holzapfel Receives
    Swenson Award” Vermont Humanities Spring “Vermont Humanities Teacher of the Year”. Kelly Salasin, The Cracker Barrel. Vol. XXVI #1, Winter / Spring 2015
  • Fall 2014 “Not Teaching to the Test” Sarah Buckingham The Commons  Vol. IX, #42, Issue # 277 10/22/2014
  • 2013 “From random pixels, abstract photography grows”  Richard Henke.  The Commons, Vol. VIII, #18, Issue # 20,  5/1/2013
  • 2012 “Michelle Holzapfel: A Great American Woodworker, an Artisan’s Life Story,” [sidebar]  Spike Carlsen, American Woodworker Magazine, Vermont Humanities Council  Montpelier, VT, Dec./Jan. 2012
  • Fall 2010   “State of Craft: the artisans speak” Arlene Distler,  Southern Vermont Arts & Living,
  •  April  2008    “Natural Design” Nisha (Israeli design magazine)
  • June 2005   “Gallery” Woodwork Magazine #51
  • 2004  Wood Art Today Dona Meilach, Schiffer Publishing
  • 2003   Cabinets of Curiosities Editor, Judson Randall   Woodturning Center & Furniture Society
  • 2003   The Workshop  by Scott Gibson, Taunton Press
  • April 23, 2001   “RFD” Vermont Public Television feature
  • Dec. 1998   “A Croatian Story” (author) Woodwork Magazine
  • Ju/ Ag 1990   “Vermont Made” Vermont Magazine
  • June 1988   “Handmade in Vermont” House Beautiful
  • Nov  1988  “Couple Turns Nature’s Mistakes into Art”Woodshop News
  • 1987   Creating Small Wood Objects as Functional Sculpture, Dona Meilach, Crown Publishers
  • 1986   “Working Where the Grain Goes Mad” Brattleboro, Maple Leaf Press
  • 1985   “Subtractive Woodworking: Furniture from Logs and Limbs” (authored) Fine Woodworking Magazine #54 Taunton Press
  • June 18, 1985“Furniture and Figures from Bumps on a Log,” Christian Science Monitor
  • 1984   American Rustic Furniture, Susan Osborn
  • Feb 1984 “Craft Couples’ Creations Give Wood Afterlife as Art” Baltimore Sun      
  • 1981   Woodworking:The New Wave, Donna Meilach
  • 1979   Fine Woodworking Biennial Design Book II, Taunton Press

Selected Interviews / Blog Posts

  •  2015  Vt Humanities Council.  Humanities educator of the year, 2014
    educator-of-the-year/ 2015
  • 2009   Vermont Folklife Center – Greg Sharrow; for “State of Craft,” exhibit. In conjunction with the Vermont Craft History project. Vermont Crafts Council.
  • 11/04/09   “Art Inspired by Nature: The Sensual Work of Sculptor and Furniture Maker David Holzapfel…” The Gardener’s Eden. Michaela Harlow.
  • 2008   Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, by Josephine Shea. Nanette Laitman Documentation Project for Craft & Decorative Arts in America.

Selected Public and Corporate Collections

  • Nordstrom Photography, Toronto, Canada
  • Hannay Reels, Albany, NY
  • Whoop Inc., New York, NY
  • The Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphia, PA
  • Juan Montoya Design, New York, NY
  • Museum of  Art and Design,  New York, NY