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Over the years I have created hundreds of pieces for people’s homes and offices. I’m gratified to note that I have many repeat customers. Because furniture is often site- specific much of the work I do is commissioned to fit in a particular space to serve a particular purpose. Sometimes there are specific functional considerations as well, and for what the “feel” of the piece should be. All of these factors influence the design and materials to be used.

Once I know the general specifications I look through my inventory of raw materials to select options. Sometimes drawings are made, sometimes photo images are sent via email, sometimes models are made. The most satisfying procedure, because of its immediacy, is for the client to be here in our studio discussing and looking at the actual raw material with me. But since that’s not always possible, other successful avenues are available. I’m usually able to offer options in different general price ranges.

The price of a piece of furniture is based upon its size, its complexity and the specific woods used. Because of the unique qualities of the raw materials, each piece I make is original.

Commissioning a piece of furniture begins a conversation between you, me and the Vermont hardwoods I use.